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Patent It Yourself

Should you patent it yourself? Not a great idea - but here is how to think about it.

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Patent litigation 101

Patent Litigation - what are the basics you might need to know?

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The Invention Disclosure

Invention Disclosure - The What - The Why-The When - and The How

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Genus and Species

Genus and Species. When dealing with anticipation in patent law one of the more difficult concepts to deal with is when genus can anticipate species.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection - how to think through what you need to do.

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Patent News 2

Patent News 2 - Start-Up Mentoring

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Patent News 1 - Gaming Patents

Patent News 1 - Patent litigation enters virtual worlds and gaming patents

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Foreign Applicants for U. S. Patents

Foreign Applicants for U. S. Patents. What are the rules in US patent law for an inventor from a foreign country filing and getting a patent in the United States Patent Office?

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Foreign Patent II

Why the foreign patent decision is a tough one.

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Foreign Patents I

How does a business get foreign patents?

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Copyright Help - Part II

Copyright thinking for your business. When and How Can You Use It?

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The EPO - European Patent Office

The EPO - European Patent Office. What Do You Need To Know About It?

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Provisional Patent Application

How can you use a provisional patent application effectively in your business?

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35 USC 102 Conditions for Patentability

What is patent novelty? You need to understand 35 USC 102. Here is a plain English discussion of novelty.

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Early Disclosure

Early Disclosure. What can I disclose and when before I file a patent?

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Design Patent

What exactly is a design patent? Maybe this will help.

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Chinese Patent Office

The Chinese Patent Office. Should I Apply for a Chinese Patent? The answer to this has been steadily changing over the years.

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Best Mode - the written description of your invention should include it.

The Best Mode Requirement. Why your written description should include your prefered mode of performing your invention.

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24 month Provisional

What is a 24 Month provisional

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Canadian Patent Search

Getting a Canadian Patent Search. To search for a patent you may do an online patent search on a particular country or do an international patent search. What about a Canada patent search?

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