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Patent Maintenance Fees

So what are patent maintenance fees? And how much are they?

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Chinese Patent Office

The Chinese Patent Office. Should I Apply for a Chinese Patent? The answer to this has been steadily changing over the years.

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Patent Growth

Patent Growth. A recent report by WIPO indicates that from a patent filing aspect the world economies have mostly recovered from their 2008 doldrums.

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Genus and Species

Genus and Species. When dealing with anticipation in patent law one of the more difficult concepts to deal with is when genus can anticipate species.

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Freedom to Operate Primer

Freedom to Operate. The term freedom to operate when applied to patents usually means that your device that you plan to design, manufacture, and sell does not infringe any valid patents in force.

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24 Month Provisional

The 24 month provisional. A USPTO pilot program that makes it possible to extend a provisional to 24 months instead of 12.

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PCT Facts

PCT Facts. A compilation of facts you should know the Patent Cooperation Treaty for filing foreign (and U.S.) patents.

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Patent Infringement

Patent Infringement. The unauthorized making, using, offering for sale or selling any patented invention within the U.S., or importing into the U.S. of any patented invention during the term of the pa

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Foreign Applicants for U. S. Patents

Foreign Applicants for U. S. Patents. What are the rules in US patent law for an inventor from a foreign country filing and getting a patent in the United States Patent Office?

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Patent Interference

Patent Interference. A proceeding know as a patent interference can be instituted in the US Patent Office. It is quite rare but you may need to know what it is.

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Patent Treaties and Foreign Patents

Patent Treaties and Foreign Patents. What are these patent treaties that define how inventors get foreign patents?

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Patent News 10

Patent News 10 - The First Patent Map of the U.S. Ever wanted to know where innovation is happening?

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The KSR Decision

The KSR Decision. What might it mean to your application?

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Patent New Matter. The prohibition of adding new things.

What is patent new matter? Can you add anything to a patent specification or your patent claims after filing a patent?

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The Statutory Invention Registration - or SIR

What is a statutory invention registration in the US patent office? A patent SIR is not a patent, but can be used to keep others from getting a patent.

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Best Mode - the written description of your invention should include it.

The Best Mode Requirement. Why your written description should include your prefered mode of performing your invention.

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The Patent Declaration

The Patent Declaration or Oath. In following the steps for getting a patent under US patent law one of the required steps in the process to get a patent is the submission of an oath or declaration.

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WIPO Patents

WIPO Patents. Is there a world or global patent?

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KSR Teleflex Decision

The KSR Teleflex Decision. Has it really changed the results from the Federal Circuit?

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Patent Allowance Rate

Patent Allowance Rate. What Can You Expect When You File a Patent?

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Inventive Step

Inventive Step. Isn't This Just Non-Obviousness?

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Read a Patent Specification

Read a Patent Specification. The US Patent Office requirements for the written description and patent enablement are spelled out in 35 USC 112. But how do you read a specification?

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Canadian Patent Search

Getting a Canadian Patent Search. To search for a patent you may do an online patent search on a particular country or do an international patent search. What about a Canada patent search?

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Patent Cover Sheet

The Patent Cover Sheet. How Do You Read It?

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Selling Invention Ideas?

Selling Invention Ideas. If you have new invention ideas - have you thought about how you will implement them?

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Free Patents Online

Free Patents Online - Looking for a fast, free, search engine with fairly advanced capabilities?

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Patent Claims

Patent Claims. What are the requirements of 35 USC 112 Second Paragraph?

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Archimedes Inventions

Archimedes Inventions. When it comes to inventors and inventions, and particularly ancient inventions, Archimedes name comes up quickly - especially for major inventions.

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Search for a Patent

How do you search for a patent? It is an art, not a science - here is a good approach that uses free patent search engine strategies.

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Patent Obviousness

Patent Obviousness. Further Examination of What It Actually Means.

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Foreign Patent II

Why the foreign patent decision is a tough one.

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Early Disclosure

Early Disclosure. What can I disclose and when before I file a patent?

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Plant Patent

The Plant Patent. What is it and what do you need to know about it.

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Patent News 9 - Transitioning to Smaller

Patent News 9. The relentless trend to smaller firms and solo practice.

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Patent It Yourself

Should you patent it yourself? Not a great idea - but here is how to think about it.

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