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Patent News is simply a news report about interesting new things in the world of patents. It's purpose is to provide a mode to post news from the world of patents. They will be posted as articles below. I will try to keep it interesting, as well as relevant to the purpose of the entire site - which is to provide useful information and advice to small businesses and individual inventors.

A lot of the news about patents that hits the media tends to be about big infringement court cases. We may have a little of that but I will try to focus more on issues on the patent prosecution side of the ledger. That is also the side I know the most about. I have assisted litigation attorneys in several patent infringement lawsuits but am less comfortable with infringement than prosecution because I do not practice it.

The majority of the items posted here will also show up on the blog site (the "Whats New") button. So if you subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog you will get these little news updates automatically. Don't worry - you will not be inundated. I will endeavor to keep the news postings to 1-2 per week.

As before - if there are aspects of the business of patents that you would like to know more about please drop me a note on the Contact Me page.



Patent News Articles

Patent_News_1 - Gaming Patents
A patent litigation suit has been filed asserting patents involving "virtual worlds" that could affect the participants in this growing industry.

Patent_News_2 - An Interesting Approach for Start-ups
This press release intrigued me. If you have read much of my stuff I have a low opinion of invention submission companies. I not only do not trust their integrity - but their competence. Maybe an overly harsh conclusion but I have never heard of a good one. But this notion is different. It sort of assumes that a new start-up needs mentoring - a good assumption. Read it for yourself.

Patent_News_3 - What Does the Bilski Decision Mean
I will occasional comment on significant decisions from the Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit (CAFC). There are many of these but most are only of interest to patent prosecutors and patent litigators. Some, however, are of significance to inventors and small businesses. One about which you may or may not have heard is the recent decision now often referred to as re:Bilski.

Patent_News 4 - Who is the Most Prolific Inventor?
Kia Silverbrook, founder of Silverbrook Research, a private R&D firm based in Sydney, Australia that specializes in inkjet printer technology received 577 US patents in 2008 (581 according to the USPTO). That works out to two patents a day.

Patent_News_5 - Patent Reform
You may have well heard about patent reform. It seems to be introduced every year and then die out toward the end of a session. Well - it is coming strong this year and a house version called the Patent Reform Act of 2009 was just introduced.

Patent_News 6 - Nanotechnology Patent on Hydrogen Generation
An intriguing patent news 6 press release on a potential advance in hydrogen generation using nanotechnology.

Patent_News_7 - Inventors Hall of Fame
This week the US Patent Office (USPTO) announced the opening of the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the museum of its Alexandria, Va., campus. The Hall of Fame has returned to its roots.

Patent_News_8 - The Tightening Noose
The administrative council of the European Patent office (EPO) on March 26th 2009 voted to amend Rule 36 of the EPC. Rule 26 governs the practice of divisional patents.

Patent News 9 - The Relentless Trend
The long term trends in both the U.S. economy and in patent practice seem to indicate a transition from the larger to the smaller is where things are going.

Patent_News_10 - A U.S. Patent Map
Ever wondered about where innovation is concentrated in the U.S. - even down to cities and town?

Patent_News_11 - Patent Growth
A recent report by WIPO indicates that from a patent filing aspect the world economies have mostly recovered from their 2008 doldrums.

Patent News 12 - Michelle Lee Swearing In

Not your normal swearing in. Michelle Lee being sworn in at the South by Southwest festival in Austin. Watch it on You-Tube.


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