Doing a Canadian Patent Search

The Patent Search Engines

Getting a Canadian Patent Search. To search for a patent you may do an online patent search on a particular country or do an international patent search. What about a Canada patent search?

There are good resources available when you want to focus your search on Canada.

Laws and Rules

In addition to patent searching I often want to review some of the more subtle issues of Canadian Patent Law. Like the US Patent Office Canada has a Manual of Patent Office Practice before the CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Patent Office).

Find the Manual Here.

Canada Patent Search .

When you want to search for a patent in Canada probably the best search engine is the Canadian Patents Database. It is found on the main website of the CIPO. This patent search engine, like many others allows an online patent search by four techniques:


          Enter a general search term


    Enter a known patent number


    My preference when I want to search for a patent.          Enter terms using Boolean logic.


     My second favorite. Search simultaneously on a             number of terms

There are other options.

There is also patent search capability from the Virtual Reference Library of Ontario.


Canadian Patent Search
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