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So - what is the purpose of having a PCT Desk?

As you may have noticed from the home page of this web site, this site is pretty much dedicated to explaining patents to independent inventors and small businesses. This makes it distinctive to a lot of sites and blogs written by patent practitioners in that it does not cater to other patent practitioners, or try to impress them.

But in this particular neighborhood of the web site we will deviate from that by getting into practical dialogue about using the PCT system. If you are a patent applicant who does not want any details about how your practitioner uses the patent cooperation treaty, then the PCT Desk may not be for you. If you are interested though - here it is.

So why do this? The PCT process is very useful and important to large and small business. And quite frankly, it is a bit intimidating to the infrequent user. It is also somewhat of a headache to the solo practitioner like myself because of the additional set of rules and regulations (and paperwork) required. So I hope I can provide some help in terms of common problems and difficulties in filing via the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The focus will be on common problems that can be confusing in the international system. Nothing covered here is not available elsewhere. But sometimes it is difficult to readily find answers to some of these things without dropping everything to do PCT research.

Consistent with the rest of the site, the information is available as short articles that are available as links below.

This is a new part of the web site (September 2010) and will slowly develop and grow. If there are particular issues you would like explained please go to my contact page and ask.



PCT Facts
A compilation of facts you should know the Patent Cooperation Treaty for filing foreign (and U.S.) patents.

Foreign Patents Part I
When thinking about your patent filing strategy one important consideration is whether or not to file foreign patents. Foreign filing is a complex situation and for small companies an expensive one. If you are interested in better understanding you options please click here for some first thoughts on how to get a patent in a foreign country.

Foreign Patents Part II
There is even more you need to understand about foreign patents (if you are interested). Click here for further discussion.

The PCT Part I
The PCT it can be a bit confusing. Let's talk about the key points behind it.

WIPO Patents?
Is there a world patent? This is an area of confusion for first time applicants. Here is the explanation.

Patent Treaties and Foreign Patents
What are these treaties that define how inventors get foreign patents?


The PCT Desk
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