Patent News 10

A Patent Map of the United States

Patent News 10 - The First Patent Map of the U.S. Ever wanted to know where innovation is happening?

Free Patents Online has announced a new feature of a United States Map with detailed - very detailed information on where patents are coming from in the United States.

The Google type map Map is at, where today 3,143,630 patents and patent applications are shown in their respective locales, based on inventor and assignee cities. An assignee is the entity that holds the rights to the patent.

Users can zoom in and out, drilling down to see the number of patents in a given location, and can also see the patent numbers and titles, with the ability to click to obtain the full text of any document.

I can for instance click on central Texas where I live, and then click on the Austin area. With each click more detail is shown as to the number of patents from individual cities. Since I live west of Austin I can then zero in on the little town of Bee Cave near my house and I see that Bee Cave has five patents listed. When I click on the city I see that:

    * US20070043531 Method and apparatus for precisely identifying effective addresses associated with hardware events

    * US20060060772 Distributive mass spectrometry

    * US20050034042 System and method for processing and identifying errors in data

    * US20040087094 Semiconductor component and method of manufacture

    * US7290116 Level 2 cache index hashing to avoid hot spots

    * US7208383 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component

These are the five patents - and I can then click on any one of them and see the patent.

Ain't technology amazing.

At a larger scale it is most interesting to see which states and major cities lead in patents. And interesting way to spend a little time (if you are as interested in patents as I am)


Patent News 10
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