PCT Facts

If you are new to the Patent Cooperation Treaty here are some important PCT Facts.

The PCT system is a patent "filing" system, not a patent "granting" system. There is no "PCT patent".

The PCT system provides for

  • an international phase comprising:
  • filing of the international application
  • international search and written opinion of the ISA
  • international publication
  • optional supplementary international search and
  • optional international preliminary examination
  • a national/regional phase before designated Offices

• The decision on granting patents is taken exclusively by national or regional Offices in the national phase 

• All PCT Contracting States must also be party to the Paris Convention

• An international application that has been accorded an international filing date has the same effect of a regular national application in each designated State as of its international filing date 

• Only inventions may be protected via the PCT by applying for patents, utility models and similar titles. 

• Design and trademark protection cannot be obtained via the PCT; there are separate international conventions dealing with these types of industrial property protection (the Hague Agreement and the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, respectively) 

• The PCT is administered by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as are other international conventions in the field of industrial property, such as the Paris Convention 

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PCT Facts
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