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We are trying to provide a large amount of patent resources for you - but a small business needs more. Below are some resources you may find helpful.

When you are just venturing out into the wild world of starting a business you might well have questions about a short list of things like advertising, brand strategy, business ethics, business plan, business taxes, business travel, thinking creatively, customer service, financing, hiring & firing, insurance, leadership marketing, productivity, and public relations. In other words the whole burrito. If that is what is on your mind you should really check out Donna Williams's omnibus site Business If she doesn't have it she will refer you to it.

Although I do have a background in commercializing technologies I do not have the time or inclination to consult or give guidance in that area. I am a happy patent guy and that's what I do. But a critical need for independent inventors and small companies is the question of how you market your invention. Many independent inventors need professional help here. It can be a minefield. Here is a link to a professional who helps independent inventors and small businesses. His name is Ray Amsterdam and he might be a big help.

And if you or your business is in constant need of legal documents you can find many great helps from Antoinette on Free Legal Documents. 

And if you are just beginning your small business adventure, be sure review many of the issues you need to know by reviewing Starting a Small Business


Small Business and Patent Resources
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