Patent Glossary T

Patent Glossary T. What is terminal disclaimer, trademark, and trade secret?

Teaching Away

The situation in which a prior art reference suggests that a claimed invention is not possible, e.g., would not work. MPEP 2145.

Technical Field

The field of art to which the invention pertains. MPEP 608.01(c).

Technology Manager

The person in a public-sector or private-sector organization who is responsible for managing the intellectual property of the organization. Various titles are used for the position, including Technology-Transfer Officer, Licensing Associate, etc. The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) has over 1,200 members. Another such organization, the Licensing Executives Society (LES), has over 6,000 members worldwide.

Term of Patent

The period during which a patent can be inforced. MPEP 2501.

Terminal Disclaimer

A document filed with the USPTO by an applicant, assignee or patent attorney or agent wherein a terminal portion of the normal term of the patent is given up. MPEP 1490.

Title of Invention

A brief but technically accurate name for the invention. MPEP 606.

Trade Name

A name used to identify a business entity.

Trade Secret

Information kept secret by an organization for the purpose of maintaining a competitive advantage.


A word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof, used by a manufacturer or by a vendor in connection with a product.

Transition of Claim


To dispute the decision of an Examiner. In proceedings before the USPTO, failing to traverse an Examiner's reliance on alleged "common knowledge" or information that is alleged to be "well known" in the art can result in the allegation becoming an admission, and, hence, "fact" even though it is no true. MPEP 714.02, MPEP 2144.03, MPEP 818.03, MPEP 818.03(b), MPEP 818.03(c).Links



Patent Glossary T
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