Patent Glossary R

Patent Glossary R for the letter R. What for instance is restriction, revival, rejection, or renewal?

Rationale for Patentability

The reasoning behind a decision that a claimed invention is patentable. MPEP 1302.14.

Reads On

A claim includes within its scope certain subject matter.

Reduction to Practice, Actual

Building a physical embodiment of an invention and testing it under conditions that would indicate to a person skilled in the art that the invention was useful. MPEP 2138.05.

Reduction to Practice, Constructive

Filing a patent application that explains how to make and how to use an invention in sufficient detail that a person skilled in the art could practice the invention. MPEP 2138.05.


Examination of the patentability of an invention claimed in an issued U.S. patent at the request of the USPTO, the patent owner or a third party. MPEP 2209, MPEP 2210.


A document that discloses subject matter that is material to a determination of the patentability of a claimed invention. MPEP 2126, MPEP 2126.01, MPEP 2126.02, MPEP 2127, MPEP 2128.

Reference Character

A numeral or letter used to identify an element on a patent drawing.


Restoration of the enforceability of a patent.


The issue of a patent that was issued previously in order to correct an error in the patent. MPEP 1401, MPEP 1402.

Reissue Application

A U.S. patent application that is refiled after a patent issues in order to correct one or more errors in the patent that occurred without deceptive intent. MPEP 1401, MPEP 1402, MPEP 1403.

Reissue Patent

A corrected U.S. patent that issues from an allowed reissue application. MPEP 1401, MPEP 1402, MPEP 1403.


The refusal of a patent Examiner to allow a claim based on specific legal grounds. MPEP 706, MPEP 706.01.

Rejection, Final

A rejection of a claim that occurs on the second or any subsequent examination of its patentability. After the final rejection of a claim occurs, the only recourses of an applicant are to argue that the final rejection was premature, to appeal the rejection or to amend the claim in accordance with any suggestion of the Examiner. The Examiner may allow the applicant to place the claim in better form for appeal. One interview with the Examiner will be allowed, if in the judgment of the Examiner, circumstances warrent the interview. See Rejection. MPEP 706.07, MPEP 706.07(a).

Renewal Fee

The periodic fee charge by a patent office for maintaining a patent in force. MPEP 2501, MPEP 2504, MPEP 509.

Request for Reconsideration

A written communication to a patent office asking that a decision be reconsidered. MPEP 714.13, MPEP 818.03, MPEP 1214.01, MPEP 1214.03.


A requirement by an Examiner that an applicant choose which of multiple claimed, distinct inventions disclosed in a patent application that he/she wishes to be examined. MPEP 802, MPEP 802.02, MPEP 803.

Revival of Abandoned Application

To reinstate a patent application that has been abandoned (relinquished), either by express abandonment or by inaction. Abandonment by inaction typically involves failure to take a required action (e.g., filing a incomplete response or not paying a fee) during the statutory period for taking the action. A U.S. patent application that was unavoidably or unintentionally abandoned, can be revived by petition. MPEP 711.


Withdrawing the protections associated with a patent grant.

Right of Priority

The right to priority of invention established by filing the first patent application in an appropriate patent office. MPEP 201.13, MPEP 201.13(a), MPEP 201.13(b).


Receiving Office - the national Office or the intergovernmental organization with which an international application has been filed.For US applicants desiring to file international applications the Receiving Office is normally the US Patent Office.


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