Patent Glossary N

Patent Glossary N for the letter N. What is the meaning of new matter, non-obviousness, nonprovisional.

Negative Limitation

A claim limitation that is excusive, e.g., "other than X" "incapable of X", etcetera. MPEP 2173.05(i).

New Issue

A patentability issue or question that had not arisen previously in the examination of an application.

New Matter

    Matter (information) that is not present in the original specification, claims or drawings that an applicant attempts to add to a patent application.
    Reference - Business of Patents

    MPEP 608.04, MPEP 608.04(a), MPEP 608.04(b).

New Use

One of the classes of patentable subject matter under U.S. law.

Non-Convention Application

A patent application filed in a second, or subsequent country which does not claim the priority of another, earlier application in another country.


The opposite of obviousness. See Obviousness.

Nonprovisional Patent Application

A type of U.S. utility patent application that must contain at least one claim and can issue as a patent. MPEP 201, MPEP 601, MPEP 601.01(a)..

Notice of Allowance and Issue Fee Due

A notice by the USPTO that the application has been placed in a condition for allowance and that the issue fee must be paid within three months of the mailing date of the notice. MPEP 1303.


New; not anticipated by (taught by) the prior art. MPEP 2131.


Patent Glossary N
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