Patent Glossary M

Patent Glossary M. What is maintenance fee, MPEP, means-plus-function?


A device, a product, a physical thing. Under U.S. law, one of the statutory classes of inventions.MPEP 2105, MPEP 2106, MPEP 2114.

Maintenance Fee

See Fee, Maintenance.

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)

A document that contains a description of the practices and procedures of the USPTO.


One of the classes of patentable subject matter under U.S. law. MPEP 2105..

Markush Claim

A form of a claim that allows claiming of members of a finite group by means of a phrase like "a member selected from the group consisting of" followed by a list of the members of the group linked by the word "and." The members of a Markush group must have at least one property that is mainly responsible for their membership in the group. MPEP 803.02, MPEP 2173.05(h)..

Markush Group

In a claim, a finite group from which an element is selected.

Means for Claim

A patent claim that recites an element as a means for accomplishing a particular function. MPEP 2181..

Mode, Best The way of implementing the inventive concept contemplated by the inventor on the filing date of the patent application. MPEP 608.01(h), MPEP 2165, MPEP 2165.01, MPEP 2165.02.

Means-Plus-Function Claim See Means for Claim..

Means Plus Function Language See Means for Claim..


One of the classes of patentable inventions (a process) under U.S. law. MPEP 706.01(a)..


Using a patent right inappropriately, for example, for forcing a license to purchase a prodict that is not covered by the claims of the patent..


See Exhibit..

Multiple Dependent Claim

A dependent claim that refers back in the alternative to more than one preceding independent or dependent claim. MPEP 608.01(n). 


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