Patent Glossary JK

Patent Glossary JK - for the letters J and K. What is a jepson claim, a joint inventor?

Jepson Claim A claim that contains in its preamble subject matter that is in the prior art. MPEP 2137.01.

Joint Application

A patent application in which the invention is presented as that of joint inventors. MPEP 201.02.

Joint Invention

An invention conceived by more than one person. See Inventor, Joint.

Joint Inventor

See Inventor, Joint.


An organized repository of knowledge about a particular subject. For example, a set of U.S. patentability rules is a knowledgebase.

Knowledge-based Expert System

A computer program that uses knowledge and inference procedures for solving a problem that is sufficiently difficult to require a significant amount of human expertise to arrive at a solution.


An unexamined Japanese patent application.


An examined and allowed Japanese patent application.


Patent Glossary JK
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