Patent Glossary B

The patent glossary B for the B words. What, for example is best mode?


Background of the Invention

A section heading in the specification of a U.S. patent application that includes a statement of the technical field of the invention and a description of related art. MPEP 608.01(d).

Bar, Statutory

A circumstance that prevents (bars) issuance of a valid patent. MPEP 2133.

Base Claim

A claim from which another claim depends, either directly or indirectly. MPEP 608.01(n).

Basic Patent

The first member of a "family" of patents (which may or may not be the first member published. Sometimes also called the parent patent - the following ones being "children".

Best Mode

The way of implementing the inventive concept contemplated by the inventor on the filing date of the patent application. MPEP 608.01(h), MPEP 2165, MPEP 2165.01, MPEP 2165.02.

Biological Material

Material referenced in the disclosure of a patent application that is capable of self-replicating, either direclty or indirectly. Examples include bacteria, fungi including yeasts, algae, protozoa, eukaryotic cells, cell lines, hybridomas, plasmids, viruses, plant tissue cells, lichens and seeds. MPEP 2403, MPEP 2403.01, MPEP 2403.02.

Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences

A board of senior examiners that hears appeals of adverse patentability decisions of examiners. MPEP 1202, MPEP 1203.


Boolean logic (named for the British-born Irish mathematician George Boole) is way to express relationships in logic arguments using the following three operators: "and", "or", "not". The patent search systems use "AND", "OR", and "ANDNOT" as Boolean operators, in combination with parentheses to build nested logical subsets.


Patent Glossary B
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