Major Inventions

In awe of major inventions. There is something fascinating in looking at inventors and inventions. Whether they are modern inventions or ancient inventions, inventions have changed the direction of eastern and western culture. We will examine examples of all, whether they were patented or not.

All through history there have been brilliant thinkers who look around them and see problems. Problems to be solved. And unlike most of us who think "someone should fix this!", these inventors did the hard work of coming up with solutions. See my discussion of the problem-solution approach here.

Long before there was a US Patent Office, there were inventors and inventions. We will examine some of the interesting modern inventions, but also the intriguing ideas of ancient inventions that changed the world.

And if there are any inventors and inventions that we don't talk about that you are interested in - let us know through the Contact Me page .


Inventors and Inventions

    Nikola Tesla Inventions

    The Wright Brothers Inventions

    George Washington Carver Inventions

    Rube Goldberg inventions

    Archimedes Inventions.

    When it comes to inventors and inventions, and particularly ancient inventions, Archimede's name comes up quickly - especially for major inventions.

    Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions

Ancient Inventions

    Ancient Egyptian Inventions

    Ancient Chinese Inventions


    Ancient Greek Inventions

Significant Modern Inventions

    The Cell Phone

    The IPod


    The Machine Gun


    The Zipper

    The Toilet

    Toilet Paper

Period Inventors and inventions

    Medieval Inventors and inventions

    Renaissance Inventors and inventions

    The Pencil


Major Inventions
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