The Invention Idea as Intellectual Property

What is an invention idea? It is intellectual property. Any business has embedded in it many ideas. Ideas about how to manufacture, how to distribute, how to use products. Many of these are little but important ideas. Some are BIG ideas. The BIG ideas sometimes give us advantages over competitors

“How do I protect my intellectual property?” is one of the first questions you should ask? Ideas are property. They are not physical property, but intellectual. It's not easy to think about ideas as property, but for some businesses it's vital. To be successful in any venture you have to be sure that you protect the property you own in that business. Business people automatically think of protecting their physical property. That is why they purchase insurance. They sometimes forget to protect their ideas.

Two caveats here. First - the proper thought is how to protect your business - not just your idea. Second - think about all of the avenues of IP protections - not just patents - there are also 

trade secrets,  

copyrights, and 



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